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Policy please read over them and if you have questions let us know

    •    Invoices are due for payment upon delivery. A $50 fee for non-payment will be applied to invoice PER DAY until payment is complete. 
    •    There is a 25% non-refundable deposit due prior to date reservation.  Any changes must be done within 10 days before booked date and dates can only be extended 14 day from scheduled date. Only 2 changes are allowed per Customer. This applies to all services. Minimum deposit required is $100.
   •    All quotes have a 7 day expiration once it is sent. Once expired you will need to request a new quote.     •    There is a zero tolerance price haggling policy. Price haggling will result in no service.
    •    Requested decals that are printed and/or applied will be charged per quote given. In the event that you decide you no longer want and/or it needs to be removed, you will still be charged at full price.  
  •    Vehicle and boats will be given a full inspection prior to starting. Pictures and notes will be taken prior to touching anything on the vehicle or boat.  
   •    All ceramic coating warranty questions can be contacted at (866)772-3262.   
 •    All ceramic coatings that come with warranty must be brought back every 6 months or it will void your warranty.

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The following Policies are for Lazer X Detailing LLC, no exceptions. 

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